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Copenhagen Opera House by night. Photographed from the shore of the harbor next to Amalienborg Castle.
The sea windmill park offshore of Copenhagen. Photographed from the platform of a sea windmill on a bright sunny day.
Career counseling and mindful business. The photo was used for an article about recruitment, personal development and mindful business.
National Gallery of Denmark by night. Photographed from the main entrance to the museum.
New york skyline with Brooklyn Bridge by night. Photographed from the shore of Brooklyn.
Panoramic suite interior at Ibsens Hotel. This super wide angle photo consists of 5 upright images stitched together.
The Black Diamond library in Copenhagen by night. The atrium of the library is lit up and the towers of Christiansborg and Børsen is visible in the horizon.
Historical building inside Boltens Gård. The half-timbered house from 1755 inside Boltens Gård is today home C&C Travel in Copenhagen.
The fountain of Amaliehaven (The Amailie Garden) by night. The fountain is lit up and and the dome of Marmorkirken (The Marble Church) stands as a silhouette in the background.
Mastekranen and Peder Skram on a summer night. Mastekranen (The Masting Crane) on Holmen (The old Royal Naval Shipyard in Copenhagen) together with a silhouette of Peder Skram which until 1990 was a frigate in the Royal Danish Navy.
Højbro plads bridge by night. Photographed from Holmens bridge with the Johan Schlüter building and the Copenhagen statue of Absalon.